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DIY Advent Ideas Posted On 30 November 2021


Make your Christmas Countdown Personal


The countdown to Christmas has officially started! Each passing day is filled with the promise of fun, friends, and presents from Santa—what’s not to like? One way to really get excited for the Christmas season is to create your own advent calendar to celebrate counting down in style.


Mini boxes Advent Calendar:

Sometimes the simplest projects turn out the prettiest. All this DIY calendar requires? Mini boxes, pom-poms, and a calligraphy pen for an easy, yet colourful, countdown. First, order 24 mini boxes and label them. Next stick a pompom on the top of each box. Then, get shopping! One tip is to shop throughout the year, purchasing a small gift which you think would be perfect for your advent calendar.


Hanging Bags Advent Calendar:

For the Christmas craft, you will need coloured string, brightly coloured wrapping paper, a long piece of wood. One thing to consider is that the gifts will be suspended from the wood so need to be relatively light. Gift vouchers or tokens promising a day out, a cup of tea in bed etc are all ways to gift the weight of the gifts low. Once you've wrapped the gifts, tie string around each gift and attach to the wood. Then, suspend the wood with gifts to a picture hook (or two). Voila!


Paper Christmas Village Advent Calendar:

Christmas village advent calendars can be quite expensive. Making your own will cost you next to nothing. Use this free pdf to ensure your houses are perfectly uniform.




Now you’ve planned your perfect DIY advent calendar, the challenge is what to put inside. Here are some thoughtful ideas for a little inspiration: 

  1. A sprig of mistletoe
  2. Small, framed photo
  3. Handmade friendship bracelet
  4. Time coupons
  5. Earrings or jewellery
  6. A tiny flower or plant
  7. A coffee bean (standing for a promise to take the time to go out for coffee together)
  8. Chocolates or sweets
  9. Tester size perfume or other cosmetics
  10. Face mask sachet
  11. Small, scented soap
  12. Seeds
  13. Alcoholic miniatures
  14. Cufflinks
  15. Hair accessories


So, what are you waiting for? Get crafting!


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